Jonathan KrimFor the better part of 25 years, Silicon Valley’s ethos has been – as coined by Facebook — to “move fast and break things.” We are seeing this phenomenon again with rapid development of artificial intelligence and robotics, the latest transformative waves in technology.

But one thing is different this time: A handful of prominent technologists are suggesting that we tap the brakes and examine not only the enormous potential for AI/robotics, but also their possible risks, from job displacement to more dystopian scenarios of programming bias, rogue machines and more.

Should we?

Jonathan Krim, a longtime journalist who has focused on technology news and analysis, has been fascinated by ethical and political questions in tech, and RoboBusiness has asked him to moderate a panel entitled: “Addressing the Ethical, Social and Political Implications of Robotics and Automation.”

(RoboBusiness update: Jonathan Krim will also be moderating the panel: “State of the Industry: The Journey of Robotics & AI“)

Krim will be joined by leading technologists and ethicists for a deep dive into the questions raised by those who worry about unbridled development of AI/robotics, and how the industry and policy makers might address them.

Among the topics to be covered:

  • What are the most serious challenges posed by critics of AI and robotics?
  • How should the industry meet these challenges? Are there special strategies needed for the European and Asian markets?
  • Is the U.S. government playing a mostly positive or negative role in the arc of the robotics and AI industries?
  • Should the U.S. government help U.S. companies to crack overseas markets?